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'Sin City' Trial 1 by blue2draconian 'Sin City' Trial 1 by blue2draconian
Ah hahahahahahaha!
Okay, I had a bit too much fun.
Which has been the case with every Photoshop tutorial I've attempted...and failed at miserably.

It's a spin on the Sin City style. Obviously. D:

So, credits!
Technique =
Tutorial Itself = [link]
Me = My hilarious face. Hahaha! :rofl:
Line = Man, I’m totally leaving it up to you people to attempt to find them. I give full credit to those who wrote them and all, I just want to wait and see if anyone can guess where they’re from first. :giggle:

Really, can you say "Kristen has way too much time on her hands"? 'Cause if you can, then you'd be lying. I have far too much work that I should be doing, but it's driving me to the brink of insanity yet again.
Hence this.
It's a break.
And a scrap (since it was just me fooling around), unless people think otherwise. :nod:
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